Several years ago Greenleaf Friends established a relationship with Mennonite Church USA, specifically its stewardship ministry called Mennonite Mutual Aid, now called Everence.   Everence helps people integrate their finances with their faith.

Helping people integrate their faith and finances certainly involves traditional concepts of holistic stewardship.  Everence encourages Christians to find ways to let their faith in God guide their lives.  Everence recognizes the inter-connectedness between our relationships, time, talents, finances and health and wants to help us a GFC practice sound stewardship by connecting you to products, services and resources that will help you live out your faith with your financial decisions.

Everence began in 1945 as a response by Mennonite church leaders to the consequences of the Great Depression and World War II.  Initially, Everence was set up to provide loans to Mennonites who chose public service as an alternative to military service.  Eventually, it grow to include many other denominations that shared a similar theology and began offering insurance and financial services to those groups.

Below will be links to articles that may help you in your stewardship efforts.

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