When I began pastoral work in 1981, I would not have imagined having a counselor as a part of the ministry team at a church where I pastor. Over the years I've come to respect just how powerful the stuck places in people's lives are. An area of incredible shame, of abuse or a hidden addiction creates a weight or limit that determines how far a person can go in life.

     We've all seen dogs on chains. The yard is green and the grass is lush all around the bare earth circle where the dog drags his chain. Run as he will, the dog never gets past the length of the chain. Counseling is simply part of our commitment to healing that unchains people and sets them free. To me, it is part of the exercise of a gift of healing. In the church, this means that we are prepared to walk through deep places with people when it is their time to go there.

Pastor Alan Weinacht



Greenleaf Friends Church partners with Community Outreach Counseling to provide quality, professional, affordable counseling to our church members and community. This partnership began in 2007 and has helped many people move past the stuck places in their lives.

You can call the Greenleaf Friends office for more information or call the Community Outreach office to schedule an appointment. All scheduling, even for this location comes through the central office. Call 208-466-7443.