Love INC

 Love INC is a national movement whose goal is to help churches help people in need. It is a coordinating tool to mobilize church volunteers in a cooperative effort to help those who request assistance through appropriate service opportunities.  Love INC of Treasure Valley has been in operation since 1999 with the support of Christian churches throughout the valley.  GFC is one of the local churches involved with several members volunteering as class teachers, financial counselors, and office support.


House Hold of Faith

The Household of Faith Fund is a contingency fund that the church uses to help meet emergency needs in the church family. The fund is administered by the Social Concerns Committee. Social Concerns is responsible for policy and procedures related to this fund. The fund is maintained through private donations and by appeals to congregation for designated gifts. The balance of the fund is made public through the monthly treasurer’s report.


Food Bank

Offered on appointment only once a month.