The Stewardship Committee has several projects that they would like to complete this year. The projects relate to the physical aspect of ministry at GFC.
The Stewardship Committee is asking that you consider how you may support one of these projects in the next few months and make a one time or monthly designated donation.

Trustee Improvements
Court yard; Benches, Table, Pots       $3,000   (from budget line item)
New blinds (entry area windows)       $3,250   (from budget line item) This project has been installed

Projects that need extra giving from the fellowship
New Church Sign                                             $6,000  see example
Portable Sound System                                   $5,000 
Sprinklers and grass in front of Museum     $2,000  

Trustee Maintenance
Monthly Lawn Care (not in budget this year) $160 (April - October)